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Trion Worlds announces Minecraft-like free-to-play online title, Trove

Rift and Defiance developer Trion Worlds announced its newest project today, free-to-play online adventure role-playing game Trove.

According to a press statement, Trove has been developed over the past year by a small team within Trion's studio. The idea behind the game was to create a dynamically generating world that encourages players to explore as well as promote construction and destruction of its content — an ethos similar to Mojang's Minecraft. Players will also be able to build content outside of the game and then later import it into their main game.

"The project started with a feeling: make a game that evokes the sense you get when you first step into a brand new world and begin to explore," reads the statement.

Beginning today, Trion is accepting signups to test Trove's alpha and start gathering members into the game's newly-formed community. During testing, the studio will be in direct contact with testers through the game's forums and websites like Reddit.

There are currently no details on designated platforms for Trove. Check out the trailer below and keep an eye on the game's official Twitter account for a first look at the game.

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