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PS4 and Xbox One controller art becomes a game in Find the Line

Find the Line developer Ostap Dovbush created a pair of levels for the upcoming mobile game that celebrate the launch of Microsoft and Sony's next-gen consoles.

Developer Stigol's puzzle game tasks players with arranging animated lines to uncover shapes and artwork. As you can see in the gameplay video above, players swipe to advance or roll back the line, stopping when part of a shape appears. Do that with each line available, you'll solve the puzzle.

Taking a cue from the line art in Polygon's PlayStation 4 review, Dovbush created two new levels in Find the Line — one for the DualShock 4 controller and one for the Xbox One controller — and contacted Polygon to show us what he made. Check out the videos below to see what other Microsoft and Sony easter eggs appear in the levels.

Find the Line is coming soon to touchscreen devices, and you can learn more about it on Stigol's official site. The final game will ship with more than 300 levels, though Dovbush told Polygon that he isn't sure if the PS4 and Xbox One levels, which he created in about two hours, will have an official release due to possible legal restrictions.


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