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Blackguards dev diary explains with rules, characters

A developer diary for Blackguards, Daedalic Entertainment's turn-based role-playing game, explores how the game's creators dealt with rules commonly associated with pen-and-paper games.

Blackguards is a strategy-influenced RPG that includes classic elements from the genre, such as party building and exploration. According to senior producer Kai Fiebig, the greatest challenge was figuring out how to implement rules, which "no pen and paper player would want to do without."

"We made many things more transparent for the player," Fiebig said. "We kept the rules, but a lot of things happen automatically in the background so the player doesn't have to deal with them. Of course, anyone can check on the background processes, but it's way more simple this way."

The video above also briefly touches on interactive objects on maps, which players can use to the strategic advantage, and how designers tackled the game's visuals. Lead story and quest designer Tilman Schanen also talks about how the team designed its characters to be polarizing and, overall, more interesting.

Blackguards was delayed from its release this year to a launch in January 2014. The game is being developed for Windows PC.