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Here's what happens when you microwave a PlayStation 4

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Kenny Irwin, the artist behind Dovetastic Microwave Theater, has taken his performance to a next-gen level by microwaving Sony's newly released console, the PlayStation 4.

Predictably, the PS4 doesn't handle the heat very well; watch the video above to see the results. For anyone interested in what's left of the console, Irwin is auctioning its remains off on eBay for $11,151.30.

The PS4 is the latest to join Irwin's long line of microwaved consoles, including a Wii U, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. More videos are available on his YouTube channel.

Sony released the PlayStation 4 Friday, Nov. 15. Don't miss our review of the (non-microwaved) console and all the news from launch week.

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