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The Lord of the Rings Online's Helm's Deep update delayed

The Helm's Deep expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, initially slated to launch today, has been "temporarily delayed" as developer Turbine recovers from a power outage, according to a post on the game's Facebook page.

Yesterday, Turbine suffered a power outage at its main data center. Game servers and website functionality have been restored, but as a result of the outage the company has had to delay the launch of The Lord of the Rings Online's latest content.

As of this morning, all game worlds within The Lord of the Rings Online have been restored. Turbine has promised to share updates on the "temporarily delayed" Helm's Deep launch via the game's Facebook page and Twitter account. Some players may still be having trouble logging into servers, and Turbine is continuing to investigate the issue.

Late last week, The Lord of the Rings Online community manager Rick Heaton said the Helm's Deep expansion broke participant records while still in beta.

"It's the first expansion that we've had since Shadows of Angmar that required us to add servers to the beta world to match the number of players trying to log in and participate," Heaton wrote on the game's forums. "It was the first beta since Shadows of Angmar that actually tripped our login queues on the beta world and forced us to raise the max player population."

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