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Willms wins for second year running in The Kong Off 3

Jeff Willms, winner of the 2012 Kong Off 2 Donkey Kong world championships, took home the grand prize for the second year in a row following The Kong Off 3 this weekend.

Willms — who hails from Ontario, Canada — obtained a high score of 1,096,200 points over the three-day event, beating out second place winner Ross Benziger of Portland, Ore. by 29,100 points. Willms also has the fourth-highest Donkey Kong score ever recorded since the game's launch in 1981; the world record of 1,138,600 points is still held by Dr. Hank Chien of New York City.

Chien himself finished in third place for The Kong Off 3 with a score of 1,056,900 points, while fourth place went to Steve Wiltshire with 1,053,200 points and fifth place to Steve Wiebe with 1,048,800 points.

The Kong Off 3 was held for the third year in a row at the 1UP Arcade and Bar in Denver, Colo. and features 22 competitors from around the U.S. and Canada battling it out for the $4,500 grand prize. The full list of scores from this year's event can be found on The Kong Off's official website.

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