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Achievements and videos headed to Xbox One's Machinima app

Xbox One's Machinima app will include features and videos exclusive to Microsoft's next-gen console as well as achievements users can earn by using the app, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb revealed on Xbox Wire today.

At launch, Machinima's Xbox One incarnation, Machinima Wingman, will include 30 videos for Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome, which will offer viewers tips and tricks for each game. Using the console's Snap Mode feature, players will be able to watch the videos without having to leave the game. To invoke the feature, Xbox One users need to say "Xbox, Snap Machinima," and the console will take care of the rest.

"These custom videos will offer gamers the ability to access tips and tricks while they play," Hryb wrote. "No more leaving your game to improve your game! Don't worry, Machinima tells me that 'Xbox, Snap Machinima' will surface videos already available on Machinima for any game you play. They also tell me that many more exclusive videos for additional titles will be added in the coming months, so stay tuned."

Those who use the feature can also earn "media achievements." Those achievements, which will not affect gamerscore but do include a reference to Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, are as follows:

  • License and Registration: Simply download the Machinima App.
  • n00b: Watch a video on the Machinima App.
  • Thanks for the Sub: Subscribe to a show, game or partner on the Machinima App.
  • Addict: Launch the Machinima App 10 times within 30 days.
  • Night Owl: Launch the Machinima App between 1 and 4 a.m. local time.
  • You Can Be My Wingman Anytime: Watch 30 Machinima Wingman videos.
  • You Can Be Mine: Watch 150 Machinima Wingman videos.
  • TV Rots Your Brain: Watch 1,000 videos on the Machinima App.
  • Oversharer: Share 10 videos on Facebook via the Machinima App.

Hryb also teased a secret achievement, which will require Xbox One owners "to look back through the history of Machinima to find this hidden gem."

Machinima's app will launch with the Xbox One this Friday, Nov. 22, alongside several other entertainment apps. Check out Polygon's continuing coverage of the Xbox One's launch week, which includes interviews, reviews and more.

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