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Huge Seal features a 'build-your-own' sale with indie games

Frozenbyte is currently running a "build-your-own" sale on more than 30 indie game titles, the developer announced today.

Included in the sale are titles such as Antichamber, FTL, Mark of the Ninja, Terraria and The Swapper. Before making a purchase, buyers choose five Steam discount coupons from the featured titles. Each time buyers make a purchase, they can select one new coupon. For every three titles purchase, buyers will then receive a free random Steam key for games included in the campaign.

Games are available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, though all coupons must be redeemed through Steam. For more on the sale, watch the video above.

The Huge Seal sale ends Nov. 24. Coupons are only valid until Nov. 25.