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X Rebirth developer apologizes for rocky launch, promises fixes

Following the recent release of space sim X Rebirth, developer Egosoft has taken to the game's Steam Community page to apologize for the title's rocky launch and to outline upcoming updates.

"First of all let me start by saying that I am vey sorry if you personally experience problems with our new game," the developer wrote. "We are doing what we can to fix these issues as fast as possible. Below I will try to summarize some tips and inform you about our plans for updates and patches based on the feedback from threads in this forum and the egosoft community."

According to the update, X Rebirth version 1.14 was released Nov. 18 "which should fix a number of reported problems with crashes." Version 1.15, which "should fix problems with trade ships that wait far too long to dock," is slated to roll out between Nov. 19-20. For full details on fixes and tips on how to avoid crashes, check out the game's Steam Community page.

The space sim's combat offers everything from one-on-one dogfights up to space battles involving whole fleets. Pilots can fight for the military, become a pirate, work for the police or be a pacifist and fight only when necessary.

The sandbox title also lets the player explore cities, land on the buildings and explore the interiors of structures. The game also includes two types of trading, either in small quantities using their own ship or in bulk using a fleet of cargo ships.

X Rebirth launched Nov. 15 in Europe and Nov. 19 in North America for Windows PC.

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