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The Last Guardian creator 'terribly sorry' for delay

Fumito Ueda, best known for his work on Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, apologized for the ongoing and often mysterious development of The Last Guardian.

The game has been stuck in development for six years, although according to Ueda, his work on the game was completed "a long time ago." Ueda told Edge he was "terribly sorry for that for various reasons I have kept my audience waiting for such a long time."

"The details of when, where and how it will be completed are beyond my control," he continued. "The original staff members on Ico and SOTC are just as fussy over details as I am. I always want to create quickly, and I always want to increase the rate of production."

Ueda currently works on a freelance contract for the company, something he states "was not easy."

"I can't go into the details just yet. It will be good to be able to discuss it along with a post-mortem of The Last Guardian someday."

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