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Gran Turismo 6 will have microtransactions for cars and parts

Gran Turismo 6 will include a system of in-game microtransactions for purchasing cars and vehicle upgrades, according to a post on PlayStation Blog EU.

In-game credits will give players "a new option for building your ultimate fantasy car collection." These credits can be purchased online through the PlayStation Store or at participating brick-and-mortar retailers. Credits are available in bundles of 500,000, 1 million, 2.5 million and 7 million. These credits can be used to purchase cars, car parts and other vehicle-related goods.

As an example of how much the in-game credits are worth, the PS Blog shows nine cars players can purchase with just under 1 million credits. There are no further details on real currency pricing.

European PS3 owners can also pre-order Gran Turismo 6 online through the PlayStation Store. Fans can choose between the Standard and Special Editions, the latter of which includes 20 extra cars and additional paint colors, race suits and helmets, PlayStation Network avatars and more. All pre-orders will also come with the free five-car Precision Pack.

Gran Turismo 6 will launch for PlayStation 3 on Dec. 6. We've reached out to Sony for more details on how much these in-game credits will cost in real-world currency and will share more details as we receive them.

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