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iNK Stories announces PC, Mac and Android versions of 1979 Revolution

iNK Stories' episodic game about the the Iranian Revolution, 1979 Revolution, will be available on PC, Mac and Android in addition to the already-announced iOS version if the game is successfully funded on Kickstarter, the studio announced today.

As of today, Kickstarter backers who choose the $15 reward tier will receive the Android version of the game, while those who back the $20 reward tier will get the PC and Mac version.

Former Rockstar Games developer Navid Khonsari is leading the development of 1979 Revolution. The game is inspired both by events he experienced during his childhood in Iran, and by historical events that led to the Islamic Revolution. Polygon's interview with Khonsari can be read here. Our report on gaming in the Middle East, in which Khonsari also talks about 1979 Revolution, can be read here.

The game has raised $53,600 on Kickstarter of a $395,000 goal at the time of writing. The campaign has 26 days to go.