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Strider reboot will come bundled with original PSOne Classics in Japan

Capcom's Strider reboot will launch in Japan bundled with the PSOne Classics versions of the original Strider and Strider 2, according to the most recent issue of Famitsu.

According to Re: Gigen, Famitsu states Strider will be available in Japan on Feb. 22, 2014. The game will be available at retail and as a downloadable title on PlayStation 3 for 3,990 yen, and as a downloadable title on PlayStation 4 for 2,000 yen. The latter version will run at 60 frames per second in 1080p.

Strider will launch in the west sometime next year for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC. The reboot was announced during San Diego Comic Con this summer as a retelling of the arcade game in the form of a 3D side-scrolling platformer. Strider's 2014 update will feature Metroidvania-style play, and hero Strider Hiryu's signature scarf has been changed into a shifting plasma scarf that changes color based on the abilities he equips.

Check out our hands-on preview of Strider from the 2013 Tokyo Game Show here.

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