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Kixeye expands to Portland

Online strategy game developer Kixeye announced today that it opened a new office in Portland, Ore., which will serve as its main customer support center.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with studios in Australia and Canada. The Portland office marks the first time the company has expanded within the U.S.

Kixeye's chief marketing officer Brandon Barber told Polygon the company chose the city of Portland because of the talent available in the region.

"The technical and creative talent pool is impressive and there's already a growing and thriving community of indie game developers," he said. "It's also a short jump from our San Francisco headquarters, which provides easy access to our operation here."

While the Portland studio is currently focused on customer support, with the company aiming to grow the office to as many as 20 employees by the end of the year, Barber did not rule out the possibility of the studio making games.

"It's definitely possible," he said. "There are some amazing make makers in Portland and the surrounding region. We're always looking for great talent regardless of city, state or country for that matter.

"Our current space in Downtown Portland can handle around a hundred people, so if we decided to make games in Oregon, we'll be ready to rock."

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