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Clown adventure Dropsy gains Devolver deal

Devolver Digital has agreed a publishing partnership with Jay Tholen for his clown-based adventure Dropsy.

The game, which began life as an Internet forum collaboration, is currently completing a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, thus far raising $20,000 on a $14,000 target. Dropsy features a creepy-looking clown who is trying to do the right thing via a puzzle adventure in which the character interacts with the world, its artifacts and its creatures. The misunderstood fellow cannot speak, but is able to communicate with animals via pictographs.

"We will be providing publishing and marketing support for Dropsy without compromise," said a Devolver spokesperson. "Interested fans can still nab a few rare early backer items for a couple more days."

Dropsy is due to be released on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux in October 2014.