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Microsoft: Xbox One Kinect cannot see through clothing

The Xbox One's Kinect motion sensor cannot see through clothing, Microsoft said in a statement to IGN after being asked whether a video demo of the technology (above) exposed a man's crotch.

"First, if you watch the video you will see that what is being represented here is a fold in denim," a Microsoft representative told IGN. "There is no tech magic going on here and Kinect cannot see through clothing.

"Furthermore, the video was an illustration of the various camera views available for the creation of games and apps. This view is only accessible on a development kit and is not viewable on retail consoles."

The Xbox One Kinect has two sensors: one that "blasts" infrared signals into the room to detect movement, depth and temperature and a RGB camera that tracks color. Neither of these sensors allow the Kinect to see through objects.

Polygon's review of the Xbox One can be read here.

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