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Disney princesses among 'top requests' for Disney Infinity

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Disney princesses were "among the top requests" for additions to sandbox game Disney Infinity, executive producer John Vignocchi recently told USA Today.

Disney Infinity is played by placing figures on the game's base, which then brings them to life in-game. Players can explore various Disney-themed worlds, such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Monsters, Inc., and create their own adventures.

Rapunzel of Tangled fame and Frozen's Anna and Elsa will join the lineup. Rapunzel attacks with a frying pan and Anna with a grappling hook, while Elsa is armed with ice powers. Rapunzel will be available at Walmart beginning on Nov. 22. The Frozen pack launches Nov. 26.

Other female characters currently available include Mrs. Incredible and Violet from The Incredibles and Holley Shiftwell from Cars.

Disney Infinity launched in August. For more on the game, check out our review.

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