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WCS 2014 will reintroduce GSL, encourage local players and more

StarCraft 2 World Championships 2014 will retain the three-season format from the three primary regions of America, Europe and Korea and will increase involvement of local players, according to a post on Battle.Net which details next year's $1.6 million championship.

To increase opportunities for local players, more qualifier slots will be available for citizens and legal residents of WCS America and WCS Europe. Details about January's qualifiers for Season 1 WCS 2014 will be released in December.

"Since America has become the home WCS region for players from countries such as China, Australia, and Taiwan, we will reserve qualifier spots for players from those specific regions as well as the Americas," the blog reads. "Ladder wildcard spots will have open enrollment with no citizenship or residency restriction, but still have a master's level requirement with a minimum number of ladder wins within that regional server. Master's level will also be required across all qualifiers."

Seasons will last "around" ten weeks, where Premier League broadcasts will happen two days per week, with a six week period separating each season. The 2014 championship will also reintroduce GSL and features "linear, easier to understand" schedule, allowing more room for third-party tournaments. Each region will also receive official broadcasts over Twitch.

Additional details about WCS 2014, such as transitions, broadcasts, partial region locks, an increased focus in regional play and partner tournaments, are outlined in full on the post.

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