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Shovel Knight will include 3DS stereoscopic, Miiverse and Streetpass features

Developer Yacht Club Games will integrate 3DS stereoscopic support as well as Miiverse and Streetpass features into its Kickstarter-funded game, Shovel Knight, according to a project update by the developer.

As the game's development draws to an end, Yacht Club is currently working on the Polar Knight's stage, along with the game's final stages. The team is also working on developing battles with the Black Knight, designing the game's introduction to the game and meeting with the "Directors for a Day" tier Kickstarter backers to "implement their ideas."

The developer's "love letter to 8-bit games" raised $311,502 in Kickstarter funding in April, surpassing its initial funding gaol of $75,000 and hitting all stretch goals. Shovel Knight is slated for launch on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Windows PC this winter. For more the title, check out the game's latest trailer and our hands-on impressions with the Wii U version of the title at New York Comic Con.