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The Banner Saga trailer is a guide to your Viking journey

A new trailer for tactical role-playing indie game The Banner Saga gives an overview of the various systems that govern your caravan's journey to escape the end of the world.

Traveling in The Banner Saga is a balancing act as the player manages resources: The caravan's morale needs to remain high or its warriors will suffer in battle, and a lack of supplies might cause some of its members to starve to death, sending morale plummeting. Supplies can be purchased with Renown, the game's currency, but Renown is also spent to bolster your heroes' fighting abilities.

The player can choose to let other travelers and villagers join his or her caravan, increasing its Renown and strength in war, but at the cost of steadily consuming even more supplies.

The Banner Saga is slated to hit Windows PC and Mac this January.

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