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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare video examines the classes

A new gameplay video for Garden Warfare, the third-person shooter set in PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies universe, examines the different character classes on both Plant and Zombie teams.

The video first looks at the zombie side of things, from the armored All-Star "Heavy" to the Scientist, a support class who can drop healing stations and whose various loadouts include the option of a dolphin gun. (That is, the gun doesn't shoot dolphins; the gun is a dolphin).

The plant team has botanical warriors that fill similar roles on their side of the war. The Sunflower is a healer and support class like the zombie Scientist, but she can root herself and shoot a powerful sunbeam at foes. The Cactus is more of a sniper with an accurate ranged attack, and the Chomper can burrow through the ground to devour zombies in one mighty gulp.

Garden Warfare hits Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 this coming February. Read our hands-on preview in the meantime.

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