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New Zealand pizza chain turns your pizza box into augmented reality game

New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza launched a 3D augmented reality game where players point their mobile devices at their Hell pizza box and watch it come to life.

Created by advertising agency One Fat Sheep, the Zombies From Hell game gives players the opportunity to win prizes like real pizzas and sides. Players download the game from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, buy a pizza from Hell, install and open the app, point their mobile device at the pizza box and the box itself will transform into a game world on their phone.

Zombies from Hell is a simple zombie survival game set in New Zealand's major cities. Players use weapons to shoot at zombies, score points, earn bonuses and are rewarded with real-world pizza-related prizes. Some of the prizes include free pizzas, gift vouchers and free chicken tenders.

The promotional game is currently open to New Zealand residents.

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