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Ouya's 'Abominable Snowman' system update adds external storage, overhauls UI

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The latest system software update for the Android-powered Ouya console will bring with it a number of new additions and performance improvements, including the ability to use external storage via USB, an overhauled user interface and support for faster system updates.

External storage via USB is considered in "open beta," according to Ouya's post on the latest software update, which the developer is calling "Abominable Snowman." The console's new UI allows for easier browsing of content and new System Menu features allow users to exit games, eject a USB drive, turn off controllers or put Ouya into sleep mode more easily. The update also adds incremental updates, meaning future updates will be much quicker to install.

A more detailed list of bug fixes and system improvements is available at the official Ouya blog.

Ouya's Bob Mills and James Karras provide an overview of the Abominable Snowmen update in the video below.