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Defiance Arkbreaker DLC hits Dec. 10

Arkbreaker, the upcoming DLC for Trion Worlds' MMO, Defiance, will launch on Dec. 10 for console and Windows PC, according to a post on the game's official community website.

The DLC will introduce a new mission line, cold fire weapons, interior arkfall instances and Volge Warmaster boss. In the new mission line, players must recover an ark-brain interface that could allow for new technology if acquired. Players who purchase Arkbreaker DLC pack will receive the Volge Engineer outfit.

Players can also explore new interior environments which contain new weapons and Volge enemies. New weapons include cold fire sniper rifles, pistols, and assault rifles as well as 20 new advanced-tech weapons based on existing in-game weapons. The Volge Warmaster boss requires 20 players and lasts for seven minutes.

Free new content will roll out to all Defiance players, such as stims, spikes, co-op missions and more. Spikes give players ammo, increased damage and shield power to teammates. Stims award healing, speed and strength boosts.

The DLC will also see the roll out of daily and weekly log in rewards, contract revamps, inventory management refinements, combat changes and more.

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