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Closure dev reveals multiplayer brawler called Bombernauts

Closure developer Tyler Glaiel is working on a multiplayer brawler called Bombernauts, he revealed in the game's FAQ.

Bombernauts will include a level editor, along with mod support post-release "if the community demands it." According to Glaiel, there are plenty ideas for custom game modes, customization and special powerups.

"Powerup customization similar to the Super Smash Bros series, plus being able to set permanent powerups for all players (such as all jetpack mode), or which powerups get rewarded for doing certain things in game," Glaiel wrote.

The game's art will be created under Sven Ruthner while its music will be composed by Danny Baranowsky, who has created soundtracks for games such as Super Meat Boy, Canabalt and The Binding of Isaac.

Closure, the black-and-white PSN puzzle game, launched on Steam in September, and included audio commentary and mod support. The game, which allows the player to manipulate light, was first released on the US PlayStation Network last March.

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