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Take a look at the guts of the PS4 and Xbox One

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Now that both Sony's and Microsoft next-generation consoles are on the market, tech hub iFixit has posted helpful teardowns showing off the guts of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Both consoles sport surfaces with matte and gloss elements, though the PS4 sits at a slight angle and the Xbox One dwarfs Sony's console in sheer size. The differences become more readily apparent as you dig into the guts of the consoles, however; for example, the PS4 comes with a built-in power supply whereas the Xbox One still has its external power brick. The latter also sports a larger fan for cooldowns.

While Microsoft doesn't allow players to swap out the Xbox One's hard drive, removing and replacing the PS4's hard drive is simple. Picking apart more of Sony's next-gen console voids the warranty, so you may want to stop there. Microsoft does, however, allow users to pull out and replace the Xbox One's blu-ray drive.

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