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PS4 'First to Greatness' trailer wants to see your gaming triumphs

A new trailer from Sony outlines its "First to Greatness" challenge in which users are encouraged to share their PlayStation 4 victories with the console's share functionality and show them off to the world.

The challenge is outlined in a post on PlayStation Blog; PS4 owners can browse the list of 64 challenges to see which ones fit their fancy.These span a number of games both exclusive and multi-platform: One challenge asks a player to kill seven enemies in multiplayer without dying in Killzone: Shadow Fall, another tasks a player with taking down the La Dama Negra ship in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

The first players to upload their triumphs will earn "some killer bragging rights" and their success will be featured in a remake of the PS4 "Perfect Day" TV commercial.

Sony is also offering a "Quest for Greatness" challenge, in which players who complete a short scavenger hunt will be given download codes for PSOne classics like Twisted Metal.

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