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Sony planning to add Twitch livestream archiving to PS4

Sony is planning to add archiving for Twitch livestreams to the PlayStation 4 "in the future," the company told Joystiq.

Every PS4 owner has the ability to stream gameplay through Twitch's broadcasting platform. When streaming on PCs, Twitch allows users to automatically save livestreams for later editing. But on PS4 all streaming can only be viewed live.

Twitch vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro said implementing the archiving feature is ultimately the choice of the platform maker.

"We find archiving to be an exciting part of the broadcast experience, especially since broadcasters and their viewers love to be able to revisit and share some of their most memorable moments," DiPietro told Joystiq. "It's up to our partners to determine if it's a feature set they want to offer as part of their Twitch integration, so we encourage them to keep this functionality top of mind."

Sony did not confirm a definitive time frame or the quality level of the streams — currently PS4's Twitch stream app does not broadcast in high definition. As for Microsoft and the Xbox One — which won't support Twitch streaming until 2014— the archiving feature is one they would "consider adding."

"We're always listening to our fans' feedback, and this is certainly something we'd consider adding," a spokesperson for Microsoft said. "We look forward to bringing Twitch broadcast to Xbox One early next year and will share more details on features in the future."

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