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Some Xbox Ones sound like they're eating discs

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Some new Xbox One owners unpacked their Day One Edition consoles today and were greeted by non-functioning disc drives, according to reports in Amazon reviews and YouTube videos.

"Disc error, it sounds like a robot is vomiting when I try to put a [disc] in," wrote Amazon user JM, giving the console a one-star review. Another Amazon user said his Xbox One's disc drive "clicks and rejects discs." A four-page thread on the Xbox forums begins with a user describing the noise as a "crunching sound," with numerous others saying they're having the same problem.

Several videos on YouTube show people sliding a disc into the console and hearing a loud rattling sound. One YouTube user compiled many of the clips into a single video that you can watch above.

The percentage of affected consoles is unclear at the moment. Last week's launch of the PlayStation 4 also saw reports of technical problems such as overheating consoles; Sony initially said the issues were isolated to 0.4 percent of systems, and later revised the number to "less than 1 percent" of units.

Update: Microsoft says it plans to take care of customers with faulty Xbox One consoles and lays out multiple avenues for getting help.