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Tiny Brains headed to PS4 Dec. 3

Tiny Brains, Spearhead Games' rodent-filled action/puzzle game hybrid, will hit the PlayStation 4 Dec. 3.

Spearhead co-founder Simon Darveau announced the release date today in a post on the PlayStation Blog. Originally scheduled for a November release, the game was delayed to add a bit more polish, particularly to the game's multiplayer component.

"Of course, you don't have to have three friends and four controllers to get in on the action," Darveau wrote. "With the power of PS4, an indie like Tiny Brains can still feature online drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, and even a single-player mode in which the levels adapt to become solvable by one player. But to experience the game at its best, we highly encourage you to rally your friends, hop on the couch, and dive in together. We think you'll like the way this old school gaming-inspired indie leverages the capabilities of the PS4."

Check out the trailer above and read Polygon's hands-on preview of Tiny Brains to learn more about the sometimes cooperative multiplayer game.

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