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M.U.L.E. remake launches for iOS Nov. 25

The remake of M.U.L.E., or Multiple Use Labor Element, will launch for iOS Nov. 25, according to the game's official website.

In the original M.U.L.E., released for Atari 800, players colonized planets by collecting food, energy and minerals. The game featured real-time and turn-based strategy battles as players fought for land and attempted to amass the most resources. M.U.L.E. Returns will be a "faithful reproduction of [the] game's rules," and will include updated HD graphics. The remake will also feature leaderboards, challenges and three difficulty levels.

M.U.L.E. Returns is expected to launch for Android as well in 2014. The game is not related to the canceled Kickstarter campaign launched by DreamQuest Games.

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