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Rocksmith 2014 intended to be 'warmer and more open' to players

Rocksmith 2014 was designed to change the way the original game "felt and looked" and be more open to players, senior community developer Michael Madavi wrote on the UbiBlog.

According to Madavi, the original Rocksmith was "hyper-masculine with its dark, leather-dressed, whiskey-soaked look." This presented two problems for the team: it excluded those who didn't "didn't feel comfortable" within that setting, and rocker clichés.

"It's already difficult enough learning how to play," Madavi wrote. "Having a tough setting to tackle it in just makes it all the more challenging. We're proud to say Rocksmith 2014 is now an inclusive experience that anyone — regardless of age, gender or musical preference — can enjoy."

A developer diary details the team's mission to make the game's settings feel open and more approachable. Watch the video above to learn how Ubisoft ditched its "mancave."

For more on how Rocksmith 2014 is a "completely different game" from its predecessor, read our interview with creative director Paul Cross.

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