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Here are all the Xbox One voice, gesture commands (updated)

Microsoft posted a guide to Xbox One voice commands, including how to navigate menus, control volume and multitask, on its Tumblr.

The image, which you can view on Tumblr, features more than 30 commands. In addition to basic functions, like turning the Xbox One on and off, users can issue voice commands to record gameplay, watch specific TV channels, call friends via Skype and redeem codes. Users can also say "Xbox select" to see which commands are available on-screen.

For those having trouble with the Kinect, Microsoft recommends an audio calibration; this option can be accessed through the Settings menu.

Xbox One launched Friday, Nov. 22. For news, reviews and an analysis of the system, check out our StoryStream.

Update: Microsoft also released a guide for hand motions. For help on gestures, users can also say "Xbox, Help" and visit the Gesture Tutorial under How-to Videos and Tutorials.