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These Atarti 2600 action figures are made from cannibalized G.I. Joe parts

Humor writer Dan Polydoris cannibalized the body parts of several G.I. Joe action figures to make a suite of custom figures based on classic Activision games for the Atari 2600, as shown on Chicago Toy Collector.

Figures showcased on the site include a handful of toys based on characters from Polydoris' favorite games: Short-Order-Sam from stressful chef simulator Pressure Cooker, Officer Kelly from slapstick-inspired platformer Keystone Kapers, Pitfall's Pitfall Harry, Roderick Hero of HERO fame and Frostbite Bailey of arcade game Frostbite. Polydoris was able to make these figures by slicing and splicing body parts from multiple figurines, then painting and moderating the clothing pieces where necessary.

"Using old G.I. Joes, I made a bunch of characters from some of my favorite Atari games," Polydoris wrote. "I specifically chose Activision games due to their particularly memorable characters and recognizable box aesthetic. I used each character's color scheme from the game (as opposed to the colors from the box art), taking only minor liberties with boots, gloves, belts, e.t.c."

Check out Polydoris' listing of the figures for a look at all five characters, complete with thematic packaging featuring screenshots from the Atari 2600 originals.

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