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Beta for fan-made Shining Force Online launches Nov. 28

The beta for retro developer unFun Games' Shining Force-inspired massively multiplayer game, Shining Force Online, will launch Nov. 28, the developer recently announced.

Shining Force Online is a free, fan-made MMO that reimagines the classic franchise in an alternate universe. The game features characters from the series in a story-driven experience that "tries to avoid the clichés that every other online RPG seems to have adopted."

Players can choose to interact with others or play the game on their own as they complete quests. The game features more than 20 playable characters from the original title and will include more than 100 maps at launch for players to explore. Although players will not have to pay for gameplay content, they must purchase the ability to chat with others.

Those interested in joining the beta will need to create an account on Arcade County and download the game.

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