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Latest PS4 software update downloadable Nov. 28 in Europe

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Those who are soon-to-be PlayStation 4 owners in Europe can download the console's latest system software update ahead of time — it'll be available starting midday Nov. 28, according to Sony's Chris Owen.

"Those wanting to pre-download firmware 1.51 in preparation for PS4 launch. It'll be live on [the PlayStation Europe website] on Thursday lunchtime," said Owen, the English community manager for PlayStation Europe, on Twitter today.

Sony did something similar stateside: The version 1.50 software was available for download Nov. 13, two full days before the PS4's North American launch. Sony has since released a minor update in North America, v1.51, that contains some tweaks to the console's user interface.

The PS4 will launch Nov. 29 in 20 European countries, and in 10 more countries across the continent on Dec. 13.

System software v1.50 is necessary for many vital functions of the PS4, including the ability to connect to the PlayStation Network and play Blu-ray discs.