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Don't Starve creators launch surprise success Kickstarter for Chester plush toy

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Klei Entertainment, the developer of Mark of the Ninja and Shank, launched a new Kickstarter fundraising drive today for a plush replica of the character Chester from its survival game Don't Starve. That fuzzy plush toy is something the Don't Starve fan base is clearly hungering for, as the Kickstarter project more than doubled its fundraising goal in just a few hours.

Chester is the furry, wide-mouthed friend that serves as your living storage unit in Don't Starve — "by far the most popular character from the game," Klei says. His real-world replica stands 11 inches tall and sits 9 inches wide, according to the Kickstarter post, and is composed of soft plush materials and "ridiculously soft high grade faux-fur." He also comes with a plush recreation of the Eyebone, the item that players use to summon Chester.

Originally, Klei was seeking $15,000 to bring their prototype to production. The Kickstarter has since received more than $39,000 in pledges, a response that appears to have surprised Klei itself. The project has already surpassed its first stretch goal, which will add "Shadow Chester" to the game.

The Chester plush replica is a collaboration between Klei and ESC-Toy, the toymaker that created Nathan Drake vinyl toys for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Fans of Don't Starve who want to snag a Chester plush for themselves will need to pledge a minimum of $50. Backer tiers that include additional Don't Starve toys, copies of the game, original artwork and other rewards range from $60 to $1,700.

Additional details are in the pitch video below and the project's fundraising page on Kickstarter. Don't Starve is currently available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A PlayStation 4 version is due early next year.

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