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WildStar video introduces the sneaky, lethal Stalker class

A new video for sci-fi MMORPG WildStar gives an overview of the game's Stalker class.

The Stalker class, says the video, is WildStar's version of the MMO class that has an unfair advantage because it can walk around completely invisibly. However, the video assures, Stalkers aren't overpowered — they're just "pretty sweet" in a Batman/Wolverine/Predator "ninja kind of way."

Stalkers dual-wield retractable blades on their hands and have nanomachines in their bodies that enable them to leech health when damaging enemies, turn invisible or become surprisingly durable. As such, players can choose to build their Stalker as an ambushing assassin or something more combat-oriented, or even a tank who skillfully evades opponents' attacks.

WildStar is slated for a launch some time in early 2014.

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