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AT&T dropping Xbox 360 U-verse support after Dec. 31

AT&T will no longer support U-verse on the Xbox 360 after Dec. 31, the company recently announced.

U-verse service offers broadband internet, IP telephone and IPTV services. The service launched as an Xbox 360 feature in 2010 and allowed subscribers to use their Xbox 360 as a TV receiver. Users had to purchase a $99 conversion kit and an Xbox Live Gold membership to make the console an eligible receiver. In 2012, however, AT&T stopped selling the bundle in order to "improve and enhance" functionality.

"A previous communication referenced that you would need to purchase an Xbox 360 Gold membership for your Xbox 360 to work with U-verse service," the post reads. "We were planning to issue a $60 bill credit to cover that cost. We will now be issuing a $99 bill credit, which includes the $60, on your U-verse bill within one to two billing cycles."

Xbox One does not currently support U-verse. We've reached out to AT&T for comment on the matter and will update accordingly.

Update: An AT&T representative told Polygon via email the decision was made due to "low customer demand" and that the company has no current plans to support U-verse TV on Xbox One.

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