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Skyrim modder lands dream job ... on Destiny

A modder who spent 2,000 hours creating a Skyrim mod in order to snag a development job at Bethesda has been rewarded in an unexpected way. Bungie has hired him to work on Destiny.

Alexander Velicky spent a year building the impressive Skyrim mod Falskaar (pictured). At the time he said his work was directed at gaining Bethesda's attention. "The best way to show Bethesda that I want a job there and should be hired is to create content that meets the standards of their incredible development team," Velicky said.

Instead, the mod was noticed by Bungie, which has given him a job as associate designer. "Modding has been 90 percent of my life for over four years now, and all throughout you were there to support me," he wrote on a blog post, addressed to the Skyrim fan community. "Every single one of you made this possible. From driving me to work throughout development, to providing astounding amounts of feedback and support."

Velicky added that his experience offered a useful lesson. "I set my sights on a professional design job pretty early," he wrote. "I lowered my head, charged forward, and rarely looked back. Of course, I ensured what I was doing had a reasonable chance for success from time to time. But the most surprising of all, is who I've ended up with.

"I applied to many companies, and Bungie was in my 'huge company that will completely ignore me' category. Well, they didn't and look what it got me. Bungie is an awesome company with an amazing team, and I'm very lucky that they've decided to give me a chance. Never be afraid to try. I spent the time it took to apply and the rewards are proving to be greater than I could have possibly imagined."

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