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Here's what you need to know for Wednesday, Nov. 27

Microsoft explains why there is no Halo at Xbox One launch

Halo didn't make an appearance alongside the Xbox One because of Microsoft's decision to release Halo 4 last year. According to corporate vice president Phil Spencer, the team would have had to begin development two to three years ago.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas hitting mobile next month

Rockstar will release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Amazon Kindle next month. The game features new touch controls, updated visuals and full controller support.

Double Fine acquires Costume Quest and Stacking rights, retail releases coming

The rights to Costume Quest and Stacking are now under Double Fine's wing. The developer is teaming up with previous rights holder Nordic Games to release retail versions of Stacking, Costume Quest and Psychonauts in 2014.

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