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Miiverse update prepares for 3DS version with new display options

A new update now live for the Wii U's Miiverse feature readies the social service for launch on the Nintendo 3DS by tweaking its layout and display options, according to a post on the Miiverse website.

A post from "NintendoMarty" outlines these changes, which are meant to facilitate the accommodation a flood of new users and communities that will join the service through the 3DS software. As a result, the Wii U and browser versions of Nintendo's service have been redesigned.

Community lists now have new display options, allowing users to choose the number of communities shown on screen at once. The newest communities will be displayed first. Players can also filter community lists based on categories, grouping them based on what Wii U or 3DS software they represent, Virtual Console games and more. Users' profile pages also no longer display the total number of "Yeah" votes players have given, but will the total number of Yeahs on individual posts will still be displayed.

Additionally, communities' display settings have been changed to focus on individuals who have played certain games. Previously, within a game's community, the newest posts were displayed first; now, when logging into a community, players will see posts by others who have records of having play the game first.

Miiverse will launch for the Nintendo 3DS next month. Players will need to create or log in to the service with a Nintendo Network ID, which can be used across both Wii U and 3DS.

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