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EverQuest Next's first four classes are all about magic and melee

The first four classes revealed for Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game EverQuest Next pack on the magical abilities and melee weapons, according to details in the latest issue of PC Gamer shared by EQNexus.

While these are not the definitive list, players now know that job choices on the table when starting up EverQuest Next include the Beast Lord, Cleric, Necromancer and Tempest.

Beast Lords, according to EQNexus, are for players who enjoy "trampling" and "savaging." Beast Lords can control animals to attack for them, or do their dirty work themselves with a shield and flail or spear for mid-range attacks.

As the Cleric, players can fight with either a hammer and shield or a heavier two-handed hammer. Clerics use fire spells to buff and heal allies, but also to defeat enemies.

Necromancers are exactly what they've always been: magicians that summon destructive powers. Necromancers can carry either a tome or a dagger and focus object to hone their magic, and each one comes with a companion called a Monstrosity that will grow in power as Necromancers level up.

The Tempest always fights with two hands — either two separate swords or one two-handed weapon — and "dances across the battlefield." Action role-playing game fans may gravitate towards this class, according to EQNexus, which also uses wind and lightning spells.

EverQuest Next was officially unveiled earlier this summer along with its companion creation game, EverQuest Next Landmark. The game is set to launch for Windows PC and possibly PlayStation 4 next year.

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