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Rymdkapsel and Passing Time kick off Sony's free PS Mobile games

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Sony is giving away 10 PlayStation Mobile titles over the next two months, starting today with Honeyslug's Passing Time and Grapefrukt Games' Rymdkapsel, Sony announced today.

Rymdkapsel, a minimalist real-time strategy game, was originally released on PS Mobile and PlayStation Vita this past May, and launched on iOS and Android in August. Players are tasked with building a space station — the title is Swedish for "space capsule" — and defending it.

Passing Time (screenshot above) is a soccer game featuring simple pixel art, power-ups and touch controls; it's playable with a single finger. Honeyslug is the London-based indie studio behind the early PS Vita title Frobisher Says, as well as the upcoming PS Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 game Hohokum.

Sony's Festive Giveaway promotion will run for a total of five weeks: first from today, Nov. 27, through Dec. 18, and then from Jan. 8-22, 2014. PS Mobile games can be played on a PS Vita, or any smartphone or tablet that supports the PlayStation Certified standard.