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Dev planning new game release every two weeks

Zoe Quinn is best known for Depression Quest, a text-based game that deals with a serious subject. Her next big project is a more graphical comedy game that plays with the perils of online dating. In the meantime, she's planning to release a series of really short games.

Tidbytes is a run of games she plans to release every two weeks, for the foreseeable future. Inspired by online comics, they are tiny interactive insights, jokes and statements. Sometimes they are goofy and sometimes they are very personal.

So far she has released Win R.L Stine's Money, a short trivia game about Goosebumps and Clone, a text-adventure with a funny twist. Her next game is a satire about paranormal investigators who prey on grieving families.

"While I work on my bigger project, these shorter rapid-prototype games keep my skills growing so I don't stagnate," she told Polygon. "They also stop me from banging my head against the wall, just working on one thing."

Prior to Depression Quest, Quinn created a series of ultra-short games, including Hitler or Lovecraft and Super Street Fire. "Tidbytes is an experiment in applying the web-comic format of free content, in-browser on a set schedule but applying it to games and other internet-based oddities," she said.

"I constantly have a lot of really little game ideas that would be dreadful or too shallow or repetitive for full blown traditional dev cycles, but I still want them to exist anyway ." The games are free, but there is a tip-jar. "If it helps keep the lights on, that's good too," she added.