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DICE+ integrated with first PC game, DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore

G3 Studios' Kickstarter project, DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore, will be the first PC title to feature DICE+ integration, GameTechnologies announced today.

DICE+ is a Bluetooth-enabled, physical die previously made only for iOS and Android devices. The die allows users to experience dice-based play typically associated with tabletop games. DeathFire, a party-based role-playing game, features tabletop elements such as hidden character-attributes, turn-based combat and customization. With DICE+, players will be able to throw a physical die for character creation and more.

DeathFire is currently seeking $390,000 in funding; at the time of this post, more than $122,000 has been raised. Campaign efforts end Saturday, Dec. 7.

DICE+ is available for $39.99. DeathFire: Ruins of Nethermore is being developed for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The game is expected to launch in December, 2014.

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