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PC is 'superior' to PS4 and Xbox One, says Nvidia

PC systems are the superior choice for gamers still deciding whether to purchase the recently released PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, Nvidia's Matt Wright told MCV in the wake of the company's release of a series of smaller livingroom-friendly PCs.

"We are proposing small form-factor PCs to be a viable alternative to the next-gen consoles," said Wright, describing Nvidia's push to try and remove the complexities of PC technology that can scare away casual gamers. "Enthusiast players want the ultimate games system and that is the PC.

"The PC platform is far superior to any console when it comes to gaming, plus you get all the extra functionality that a computer brings," he added. "Steam now has more users than Xbox Live... There's a huge community who love playing their games on PC."

Wright pointed to the the popularity of Steam and PC titles Minecraft and World of Tanks as an examples of the lasting reign of PC platforms, stating: "Steam now has more users than Xbox Live. There is a whole new generation who grew up playing on PC with titles like Minecraft or World of Tanks. There's a huge community who love playing their games on PC."

PlayStation 4 hit European shores today, a few weeks following the North American launch of the console and the international launch of Xbox One in 13 regions.

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