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Game Music Bundle 6 includes Braid, Guacamelee and Papo and Yo OST

The sixth Game Music Bundle features the official soundtrack from games like Braid, Kentucky Route Zero, Guacamelee and more.

The bundle comes in two tiers: for $1, buyers receive the soundtrack for Dust: An Elysian Tale, Braid, Rogue Legacy, Famaze and Electronic Super Joy Part 1. For $10, buyers receive the above soundtracks and 24 more, including Electronic Super Joy Part 2, Kentucky Route Zero, Guacamelee, Thirty Flights of Loving, 7 Grand Steps, Papo and Yo, The Stanley Parable and more.

The prices are the minimum amount required to buy the bundles, but customers can pay more if they wish. The current iteration of the Game Music Bundle is available for two more weeks.