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Destructamundo is all about an explosive domino effect

The latest game from Gaijin Games subsidiary Robotube, Destructamundo, is an arcade-style title based around cause and effect, artist Jason Cirillo told Polygon.

We spoke with Cirillo during Double Fine's Day of the Devs, an indie-focused event held last night in San Francisco. In Destructamundo, a minimalist, geometric-looking title, players act as a recruited member of an evil military organization that destroys other planets and pilfers their resources. Each level grants players a limited number of warheads, which they then detonate with precise timing to cause an even bigger blast.

We played through a handful of levels on an iPad. Each time we tapped the screen, we detonated nukes around the axis of each moving circle. By timing our detonations, we triggered the domino effect of explosions. As we progressed farther in the game, puzzles became more about timing and foresight, rather than just detonation.

The idea, Cirillo told us, is to pick the area that causes the greatest amount of chaos.

"You have to think ahead," Cirillo said. "If I attack right here right now, that's too early. It's exactly like a domino effect. Do one little action and see how far that will take you."

According to Cirillo, strategy plays an important role as levels become more difficult. The game is a "simple' one in its premise, but requires players to experiment.

"There's a few different dynamics you have to learn about: when you tap, where you tap. The explosions never move. The explosions always stay in the same place. They'll never rotate, they'll never move around.

"I think the fun of the game is that you just touch the screen once, sit back and see what happens. It's different every time."

Destructamundo is being developed for iOS and Ouya.

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