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Super Time Force's hand-drawn trailer explains explosions and dinosaurs

Capybara Games released a new trailer for its side-scrolling, time-bending platform shooter Super Time Force this weekend that attempts to explain how the Super Time Force itself is a force that sits alongside gravity, magnetism, black holes and karate.

The video, which combines hand-drawn illustrations with gameplay footage, introduces the game's four compound types and explains how they function on the Super Time Force plane. There's a compound whose main ability is dealing with explosives, there's one whose skill is blocking, there's the compound who specializes in charged attacks and compound D is for dinosaur.

"Apart, these compounds are erratic and dangerous," the trailer's narrator says. "When compounded into their super state, they are strictly bananas."

To view the explanation of how the Super Time Force intersects with the third dimension, click on the video above.

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